LLC “UkrBorg”

LLC “UkrBorg” is the collection company engaged in settlement of distressed debts for clients: creditors and borrowers.

“UkrBorg” serves most of the Ukrainian banks and is a full member of the Ukrainian Collection Business Association (UCBA) and Federation of European National Collection Associations (FENCA).

“UkrBorg” is the company with the western capital and pan-European development vector established in 2007 by the international funds specializing in investments in troubled assets all over the world. 

 Our Mission

Recovery of the financial market and economy as a whole. We can reach an agreement and find effective solutions on issues related to settlement of distressed debt.

  •  Effectiveness of our work is impossible without observance of the laws of Ukraine and compliance with the ethic standards practiced by UCBA and FENCA (membership of LLC “UkrBorg”).
  •  Unfortunately, the segment image is negative in our country, because of a huge number of amateur agencies and low level the debt repayment culture among the population. Since the company goodwill for us is an important asset, the focal point of our strategy in this direction is development of a positive image through communications with the public in general and with debtors in particular. In order to achieve our main targets, we use various communication channels:


  • Mass media
  • Internet
  • Social media
  • Corporate web site
  • Direct communications with debtors (call center, booklets, meetings)


Today LLC “UkrBorg” is the only company performing awareness-raising activities among the public to form a positive image of the collector.