Employment by "UkrBorg"

"UkrBorg" is not only the leading agency in the Ukrainian market among collection companies, but also a leader in the training of specialists in this field. Almost half of our employees got promotion from a simple call center operators to managers able to effectively negotiate and aware of laws and regulations.

The main principle of the company's corporate philosophy is to resolve the problems of our clients: lenders and borrowers. The most important role in the implementation of this principle belongs to our partners - banks, financial and legal institutions, and, of course, our employees.

The mainstays of the company in respect of the staff constantly include: mutual respect, democracy of opinions, openness in relationships, and equality in opportunities. Moreover, the ideology of the company is characterized by ensuring high quality of life of customers as well as employees.

"Leadership in the domestic market obliges us to ensure constant development. It is difficult to explain our current results to a favorable combination of circumstances. It is the result of committed labor of a large team. That is why the HR policy in the company is a strategically important aspect of the success of the company. Most top managers have started their career in the company at the rank and file positions. Specifics of the business causes almost complete absence of trained specialists in the market. Thus we are training own professionals, through extensive training and wide experience. That is the way to shape a list of loyal employees", said head of HR department.

The company creates opportunities for the development and well-being of our employees. Being the market leader in its segment, the company "UkrBorg" is alive and functioning organism, where each structure is involved into the overall process. It shall be noted that the pace in the company is so fast that it is necessary to fulfill a wide range of tasks, or the system will simply replace the weak entities. Thus persons who are lazy, slow, lacking of initiative and not wishing to   hurriedly learn information will not survive here. The company recruits people with proper ambitions, whose internal goal is ranked first. And ambition is measured by the result - this is the principle of our management.

Particular attention shall be paid to our management team. It includes experienced and highly qualified managers in finance, law, operating business, banking, analysts, HR and PR. Today the company employs 350 employees and it is not a limit.

"Unfortunately, our industry attracts many legends, rumors and gossips. Although we live in a civilized world, it is hard for people to get rid of the remnants of the past. We do not "torture" our debtors with hot irons or clubs. We represent a decent agency, leading business in the legal field of Ukraine.  Our employees are educated people with skills of negotiation and proper office appearance. The main problem of collection companies, in my opinion, refers to attraction of people. We have no opportunities to involve staff from other companies thus we train own personnel investing knowledge, time and money. The company assigns a key role to the adaptation program for newcomers, as it is not easy to employ people, but it is more difficult to adapt them under the conditions of a new team and specifics of the business", as HR-director of the company shares own experience.

The company has developed a number of programs aimed at training professionals in different categories. In our opinion, it shall be a closed cycle - from employment of the person in the company to promotion at all hierarchical levels. Such employee is very loyal to the company, as thoroughly knows the business processes and is fully aware about the corporate life. The company is proud of its professional team and invites you to become a part of our wonderful team!