The priority in the work of "UkrBorg" Company is a voluntary settlement of bad debts!

The Company understands that it is difficult to the debtor to release from debt due to many factors, namely:

  • Devaluation of hryvnia
  • Tax on amounts written off (as an additional revenue)
  • Entering the subject of the mortgage into the books (re-registration of ownership of the creditor)
  • Fraudulent lawyers promise a lot, but guarantee nothing.

In any case, you should still look for options to get rid of debt.

So the new debt settlement programs have significant advantages:

- All our proposals are based exclusively on the current appraised value of the collateral, irrespective of the total amount of debt:

- At the conclusion of the transaction, the Company assumes all legal questions on the loan (if your case is in court or at State Enforcement Service);